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Monitoring Solution for 1st Gen Gateway and Inverter series


To start the monitoring the remote server has to be changed on the gateway itself. To do that you have to login to the configuration UI of the gateway by entering it's IP address in a browser.

To enter the configuration UI you ave to use the following credentials:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

After you have entered the credentials the following screen will appear:

Exchange the existing address with the URL from above. This will send the data to our EmonCMS instance hosted on this machine. After entering the new URL address click on "Apply New Settings". The gateway will reboot and will connect to our server.

However, to be able to see the data on your user account you have to purchase the usage of the server on the web shop and send us the Serial numbers of the Inverters and Gateway and the EmonCMS write APIkey.

We will then be able to relate the data to your EmonCMS account hosted on our server and you can create feeds out of it.