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Swiss Solar Log was founded by Andreas Messerli in 2015 as a reaction on the failing Enecsys Reporting solution.


Enecsys went into Administration in January 2015 and till today it's not known if an investor will be found nor if the new investor will run the portal in future.


Without the portal monitoring a microinverter installation is hard thing to do. The only check an owner can do is to look at the power meter and guess if the result he sees there matches the actual conditions. 


Andreas Messerli, also owner of a 1st and 2nd Gen Enecsys installation, and his father Ernst Messerli from Messerli Spenglerei GmbH also installed several Enecsys plants in Switzerland. All these clients are now having a hard time to monitor their installation.

Being a Business Analyst and Requirements Engineer, Andreas Messerli soon realized that there has to be a solution to solve this issue and reverse engineered the code of the gateway to understand what it is doing and to find a solution to get back all the required data to monitor the installation.

By doing this Andreas also found much more information which was never available before and found a way to also get access to them including the Admin/Installer section on the gateway.


With the usage of EmonCMS, the owner has now, for the first time ever, also the possibility to see data like Inverter Temp, Status code, or even Grid frequency and voltage per inverter.