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Enecsys 1st and 2nd Gen Monitoring
Swiss Solar Log

Enecsys Micro inverters of the 1st and 2nd Generation are using a Gateway to communicate to the web. This Gateway delivered the gathered data from every single inverter to the portal of Enecsys.

However, since Enecsys UK is in administration by end of january their own web portal monitor.enecsys.net was not working anymore correctly.

Thousands of Enecsys customers, including our own clients, were suffering from a solution to monitor their system, especially on a micro inverter level. Without a low level monitoring the owner is not able to see if there is a faulty solar panel or microinverter as he has to rely on data from the power meter.

Swiss Solar Log, founded by Andreas Messerli and Messerli Spenglerei GmbH (installer), has achieved a working solution to not only use the gateway itself as a portal also to be able to send the data to bigger other portals like pvoutput.org. The live stream for example will be sent to pvoutput every 5 min, hence giving you realtime information about the power output of you installation on total basis. 

This of course is not enough as the mentioned low level details are missing. That's the reason why Swiss Solar Log offers an Energy Portal (powered by EmonCMS) and an enhanced firmware of the 2nd Gen Gateway which offers the following possibilites:

  • Show AC Power Output per Inverter
  • Show DC Power Input per Inverter
  • Show Inverter Temp
  • Show Grid Frequency per Inverter
  • Show Grid Voltage per Inverter
  • Show accumulated Watt and Kilowatt Hours per Inverter
  • Show Efficiency per Inverter
  • Show Status per Inverter

Not even the original Enecsys Portal was showing this data so the monitoring possibilites are even enhanced with our enhanced firmware of the enecsys Gateway.